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The 5 Elements of a Perfect Nonprofit Website

Does your website have what it takes to engage constituents and retain donors?

If your site were perfect for donors and constituents, what would it look like? Jay Wilkinson, CEO of Firespring, will share with you the five elements of an effective website and what you need to do to create the best possible website for your nonprofit.

View the full 10-minute video above and discover all five elements of an effective website and how you can maximize your online presence. Think your site is off to a pretty good start? View specific sections you’re most interested in:

Can your website's visitors get to where they want to go in three or fewer clicks? If not, it's time to go back to the drawing board.

Does your website have a clean, professional design that tells visitors about your mission through compelling photographs and headlines?

Good content isn’t enough anymore. The most important thing about content is how you’re presenting it to your audience. Are you putting content into context?

Functionality is the first step toward making it easy for your constituents and volunteers to engage and connect with what they care about most.

Within the first five seconds, a visitor will know if they’re ever going to come back to your website. If your site looks stale, there’s no reason for visitors to return.

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5 Elements of a Perfect Website

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